Participate in one of the largest and most liquid markets in the world by trading in forex. A largely accessible market that operates 24 hours a day five days a week the only thing you need to gain access is a device with an internet connection. Earn money and diversify your portfolio by participating in the purchase and selling of the most popular global currency pairs. A highly profitable market that also comes with high risk that only the most reputable brokers such as Bigas Capital are willing to be transparent about this. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the foreign exchange market a reputable broker such as Bigas Capital is a great asset. They are there to help traders of all abilities succeed by providing multiple services that support traders in their efforts.

Benefits of online forex trading

Trading foreign exchange market with Bigas Capital has numerous benefits including:

Trade with fixed or floating spreads on Mt5 at 0.9 pips

More buying power with leverage up to 1:500

Hedging, scalping and EAs are welcomed

MT5 available on desktop and mobile devices

Safety and security of funds

Live multilingual customer support 24/5


A spread in the forex market refers to how much the the asked price exceeds the bid price of an asset. More specifically a spread is how much you will pay for that asset. Bigas Capital provides competitive low spread on forex trading pairs.


Symbol Swap points - Long Swap points - Short Monetary Value - Long Monetary Value - Short
EURUSD -3.87 -3.38 -3.87 -2.90
GBPUSD -2.90 -5.89 -2.90 -3.87
USDJPY 1.94 3.59 1.95 2.29
USDCHF 1.54 6.65 3.13 1.19
AUDUSD 2.93 2.93 2.93 2.93
NZDUSD 2.77 -1.54 -3.28 -3.28


Note that based on our MT5 historical spread analysis, spreads remain fixed 99.73% of the time but may occasionally widen during major economic news announcements

Trading Hours

Need assistance regarding forex trading? We are available 24/5 but we recommend that you regularly consult our free economic calendar to educate yourself about public holidays and events that may affect trading times.


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